Thursday, September 27, 2012

tremble || weeks twelve, thirteen, and fourteen.

summer sky
sugar pie honeybun.
The days were 
warm and we wore them like skin
Now I feel the effects of 
October again

As she 
falls I try to catch 
For one last 
touch of 
warmth from summer
As one thing 
leaves to becomes 
I remember when
Oh to be with 
summer again, by the afters.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

mediocre || weeks nine, ten, and eleven.

if time flies
you've got mail.
i don't have much to say
really, i think i'll just
let the piece on week ten do it
for me. i've been busy, tired, overwhelmed,
and we're out of tea, so i apologise
for being really out of it
these past few days/weeks. i'm sure y'all
think i've
died on the main blog. but no. there's a post coming
maybe this mood coincides with the weather;
we're transitioning from summer into autumn.
and sweater weather
is better weather. so happy wednesday to you all.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

mirror, mirror || week eight.

i remember when i saw anne of green gables for the 
first time. in the first part, she often talked to her 
friend in the mirror. she talked to her reflection. her name was katy, 
and anne often wondered what it was like to be katy. 
to be free to roam the world, 
and yet be loyal enough to greet 
anne every time she stepped in front of the looking glass, or a window. 
like anne, i often wonder what it's like for 
the person i see looking at me in the mirror. i wonder what their story is. 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i just wanna be happy || weeks six and seven.

incidentally, i didn't take the last photo, my best friend did, 
but i couldn't resist putting it in my project fifty-two, so there you go.

i want to say something about how we have the outlook of
happiness, but on the inside we're just as miserably as the 
next guy, but i think that what i wrote for week six can justify that without
repetition. so:

"remember what it was like when we were kids, 
and all we cared about was playing with daddy after work and what 
new games we could come up with and how we would 
become superheroes when we grew up. but now, in a life that 
is so complex and full of angst and anxiety, pressure and 
barely-getting-by, we forget what it meant to be truly happy; 
we forgot the feeling of flying when our dads laid us flat in their 
arms and ran across the room. we forgot about wanting to 
stay up late and then getting up early. we forgot the knock-knock 
jokes that didn't make any sense and the excitement when mom would 
make our favourite breakfast. maybe, sometimes, if we still have anything 
left, we should go back and look through the 
piles and boxes of our childhood necessities and remember what it means to 
smile, and to not hide anything behind it."

maybe from now
on, i should just use what i wrote for my photos and
share it with you. 
happy august, all.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

life is like a piano || weeks four and five

the color sunset.
tom lehrer said: "life is like a piano... what you get out of it depends on how you play it."
as a pianist, i can draw several scenarios from what he's saying. 
maybe he's saying to always play allegro. the happy tunes, to live life loud and 
bold, and with no regrets. 
maybe he's saying to always play andante. the sad tunes. i heard somewhere that somehow, 
sad people can be the kindest. 
but maybe, just maybe he's saying to play a sonata. a mix of emotions where by
happiness, we can be content. and by sadness, we can know what it truly means to
be happy. by anger, we can know what it means to be 
at peace. 
maybe he's telling us to do our best and keep writing the sonata. 
that light is at the end of the tunnel, and that the sun always rises. 
so, i think that's how i'm going to play it.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

maybe we'd ascend together || weeks two and three

no. 2
we are kin.
as often as i can, i try to tell a story with my photography.
whether it be written word or 
just letting the photo talk for me, i want whoever stumbles upon 
my work to get to know a part of me.
sometimes the words don't come, but when they 
do, i scribble them down as quickly as i can.

above are weeks two and three, and here 
is the piece i wrote for week two:

"i've always loved to lie down in the 
grass at the sunrise with the morning dew tickling my bare 
toes and the light flickering in my eyes. the sun would be 
dancing on the horizon, teasing me as to when it'd finally ascend 
to its peak. and i've often wondered what it would 
be like, darling, if the grass was the bed and the dew was the cold 
air, and you were my horizon. and maybe we'd ascend together."

happy saturday. 
{pea ess: doing some branding for this site. major changes coming in the future! excited.}

Monday, July 2, 2012

getting back into the swing of things and project fifty-two.

blackberries on the porch.
so i'm getting back into the swing of things after
coming home from camp yesterday. my fingers felt
funny as i got on my mac for the first time in a
week, and after awhile it felt as though i never
left, but i knew i had, because i felt refreshed. 

yesterday felt like as good a time as any to start my
project fifty-two like i said i would at the beginning of
the year, so i got out my camera and froze a few moments in
time on the porch while the commercials played through on the olympic

so the self-portrait of myself is week one, and i have to admit,
i'm feeling good about this.