Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{my little box of hearts}

So, this is my absolute first post of my absolute first (and only) photography blog: "oh, goshbubbles photography". I'm really excited!! This blog will be filled with words through photos. What's that, you ask?
It means there won't be many written words, because the words will be written through the photos that will be posted on this blog. Cool, huh? I think so too. 
Okay, so, at my main blog, Cupcake Dictionary, I told you that I'd started up my tumblr again. It's called "my little box of hearts" and I got the name from my first little album of photos I'm posting here on this blog. See, I have this little box of hearts in my room that my mom gave me, and I decided to take some pictures with it. Here's how they turned out..enjoy!
I edited these on Picnik, and if some of them seem a little blurry, that's because I softened them. 
Okay, so maybe it's not my best set of photos, but hey, I'm still learning!


  1. Hi Jocee! I was looking at a post you commented on, clicked your name, and found this beautiful blog! I think I'm follower #3 :) yay! I'm hoping to start a photography blog sometime in the next month. I hope it goes well for you!
    I really really like the fifth picture
    and I write left-handed too :)

    1. ^ jocee, guess what! that was one of the first comments I ever left on anybody's blog, ever. feel special? :)

  2. Hi Jocee!

    Amazing blog....I love the pictures, I really like the third picture.

    Bethany. :)

  3. love the new blog, jocee!! i'm following you. :D
    love ya,

  4. Love your new photography blog! Awesome photos, and I'm looking forward to the many others to come! :)

  5. Loving your new photography blog! Can't wait to see more! I love the third picture!

  6. cools! i'm following you on Tumblr! Mine:



  7. "My Little Box of Hearts" photos are my absolute favorites! Wonderful job with the color and contrast of textures! :)


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