Tuesday, May 3, 2011

china and lace {part I}

Today, my sister was barging into my room (oy vey) and taking out all of my American Girl stuff. I have this old bed that was for the doll Samantha, and I started to play around with that, and the laced edge coverlets. What happened? Well....I'll show you:
(I adore this effect!! It's called "cinemascope". I played around with it a few times :P)
(It kind of looks like something from a classic 20th century film :)
So, this was part one, part two to come soon!! 
Hope you liked them :))



  1. ah, American Girl.....such good memories I have of my dolls. *sighs*

    that really does look like it's from a movie! Bravo, Jocee. (:

  2. Nice photos and cool effects Jocee! :)

  3. Pretty pictures! I love photography!

    Come and visit my blog!
    Lydia (reelchristian.blogspot.com)

  4. I love the second picture! It really gives a nice delicate feel to the picture with the lace included!

  5. those are really pretty pictures. you are utterly amazing.

  6. i LOVE the 'from a classic 20th century film' pic! awesome! it totally reminded me (the colors I mean) of Laurel and Hardy. LOL



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