Monday, May 2, 2011

a note of thanks...

To Nana at The Boutique Window for helping me redesign this blog!! I had found it a long time ago and I just now realized she posted some tutorials on how to make your own custom blog background, etc, and I made one of my own with her help. Before this I knew just about NOTHING of HTML's and now I'm educated! Not fully, but yeah.
She is truly the Lord of HTML's. Check out her design blog, and don't forget to stop at her main blog: By the Way.
P.S. I'm not done designing this blog, I'm going to make a new header and work on the fonts a little bit, and get a new color scheme, and then I'm done. How awesome is this?!
I'm off to check on my cupcakes. More pictures to come :))

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  1. Aw, Jocee, you're so sweet. I was glad to help. Btw, it's looking great around here! Love the new background and header.


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