Sunday, January 1, 2012

the last of california

the last of the california photos, before the Christmas ones. i do hope that all of you enjoyed this journey with me. even though i was a bit lazy posting all of the photos, i still did. and sometime this week comes Christmas.
-with love and goshbubbles and wrappers-
{pee ess: project 52 this year. uh-huh. that's right.}


  1. ooh, I love those last few1!
    i'm doing a project 52 too, TWINS. except i think it might actually be a 365. i took some pictures today. so we'll see.

  2. LOLOLOL project 52~
    Love it.

  3. Mmm lovely sunny days. i miss summer time!

  4. These are lovely. It looks so warm and sunny!

  5. really beautiful, relaxing photos, jocee!
    in australia it's all sunny and warm! i'm loving the temperature : )

  6. love the beach, and i love these pictures. it looks like you had a lovely time in california!


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