Monday, July 2, 2012

getting back into the swing of things and project fifty-two.

blackberries on the porch.
so i'm getting back into the swing of things after
coming home from camp yesterday. my fingers felt
funny as i got on my mac for the first time in a
week, and after awhile it felt as though i never
left, but i knew i had, because i felt refreshed. 

yesterday felt like as good a time as any to start my
project fifty-two like i said i would at the beginning of
the year, so i got out my camera and froze a few moments in
time on the porch while the commercials played through on the olympic

so the self-portrait of myself is week one, and i have to admit,
i'm feeling good about this. 


  1. project 52's are great. I started one this year for self portraits, and even though I lost half of the shots I took it's good to challenge myself, especially since I used to be kind of scared of taking photos of myself.
    but i'm excited to see where your project 52 takes you :)

  2. BLACKBERRIES. Jocee, I... I... *faints* ...if that blackberry does not hop off the screen and into my mouth, you'll have to send me one. I... need... blackberry. Okayokayokay. Yeah, I'm sarcastic but serious. so, yes... do send me one. ;)

    also, your totes gorg. (hehehah...i like using *your* language). don't think that the colour of your skin stops you from being utterly beautiful because it doesn't. being white is super hard sometimes, too because you show a lot of acne and you can get burnt from the sun and look all red and splotchy, if you know what i mean. ;) it's all sorts of horrible. but my point is: YOU'RE GORGOEUSLY-UTTERLY-WHOLLY beautiful. (amen and amen.)

    okay, got to go!

    xxx and many hugs sent all the way across the atlantic ocean from england to a home in texas to a mac book in jocee's home,


  3. Lovely pictures! I left my computer for a week last week on vacation I didn't miss it while I was gone but slowly am becoming addicted again ;)


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