Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i just wanna be happy || weeks six and seven.

incidentally, i didn't take the last photo, my best friend did, 
but i couldn't resist putting it in my project fifty-two, so there you go.

i want to say something about how we have the outlook of
happiness, but on the inside we're just as miserably as the 
next guy, but i think that what i wrote for week six can justify that without
repetition. so:

"remember what it was like when we were kids, 
and all we cared about was playing with daddy after work and what 
new games we could come up with and how we would 
become superheroes when we grew up. but now, in a life that 
is so complex and full of angst and anxiety, pressure and 
barely-getting-by, we forget what it meant to be truly happy; 
we forgot the feeling of flying when our dads laid us flat in their 
arms and ran across the room. we forgot about wanting to 
stay up late and then getting up early. we forgot the knock-knock 
jokes that didn't make any sense and the excitement when mom would 
make our favourite breakfast. maybe, sometimes, if we still have anything 
left, we should go back and look through the 
piles and boxes of our childhood necessities and remember what it means to 
smile, and to not hide anything behind it."

maybe from now
on, i should just use what i wrote for my photos and
share it with you. 
happy august, all.



  1. You have prettyyy eyes, Jocee! I wish I had eyelashes like that.=/
    lovely post.

  2. Beautiful blog.

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  4. Wow. Wow. Wow. I love the way you write! It really brings you there if you get what I'm saying :)

    Anna x

  5. Very inspiring blog! Thank u for sharing.. :)


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